Isibaya 26 May 2020
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Isibaya 26 May 2020 :Sbu shouts Sibahle after she told him to take it easy and they do the right investigations before making mistakes and Duma told him that they have involved Blade already so to handle the investigations since Blade is one of the top investigators in Isibaya .

Isibaya 26 May 2020

The Ndlove family talked about a plan to remind Jamludi who they are after he threatened them about the issue of Sibahle .

Phumele was trending on social media

Blade gave Sbu and Duma all the information about their target .

Bhekumuzi and Thandi also appeared and they were discussing their issues about love and how Melusi taught Bhekumuzi how to use a video call for whatsapp .

Jabulani called Sibahle and told her that he was coming and he wanted to see her but Sibahle told him not to come .

Jamludi was invited by the Ndlovu brothers in the bottle store , they gave him beer he got drunk and started talking wrong words about their daughter Sibahle which triggered Mandla’s anger and he knocked him down .

Sbu and Duma traced the guy who escaped and Sbu killed him after the guy denied that he never killed Thandeka.

Isibaya 25 May 2020 : Sizakele tried to trick Duma

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