Isibaya 27 May 2020 : Jamludi wakes up
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Isibaya 27 May 2020 : Jamludi wakes up after fainting for some minutes . But he warned the Ndlovu brothers Samson Ndlovu and Mandla Ndlovu for their crimes . Samson confiscated his car keys but he told him he will walk and he will fetch his car with the members from the kingdom inner circle.

Isibaya 27 May 2020 : Jamludi wakes up

Isibaya 27 May 2020

Jamludi on his way he was ambushed by the brothers and they killed him but Melusi took the video of the action .

Melusi escaped death , He goes home and tells his mother that he saw the snake instead of telling the truth that he ran after recording the Ndlovu brothers murdering Jamludi .

Sbu forced his victim to go to the police station and tell them the truth about Thandeka’s death, the victim agreed to all terms and condition . He goes home and take a fresh shower then start drinking alcohol .

Sbu gives Thandi alcohol and explained to her how good it is , Sbu got drunk and rests on Thandi’s great thighs .Thandi got confused she did not know what to do next .

Jabu comes back home and every one was surprised to see yet he was instructed to disappear to avoid trouble .

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