Isibaya 28 May 2020 : Jabulani Zungu comes back home
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Isibaya 28 May 2020 : Jabulani Zungu comes back home . All rumors about Jabulani Zungu’s leaving of Isibaya were not true because we were told that he left Isibaya but he appeared again .

Mkhabayi was not happy to see Jabu back because she believe that he will put the entire family in trouble . Jabulani insisted that he had a right to come back home and no one could stop him .

Sizakele calls Jamludi’s phone but no one was answering it but it was in the hands of Mandla Ndlovu . Mandla realized that there are chances that Sizakele Might be the one who told Jamludi about Enhle’s pregnancy that it might be not for Dabula.

The Ndlovu brothers sends Bongani to take the bag Melusi left , and they told him to find out who was the owner of the bag . Bongani met Bhekumuzi and he thanked him and told him that Melusi left the bag after seeing the snake . Bongani went back and reported to his bosses

Finally Melusi tells Mkhabayi about the murder and gave her the phone to watch the video her self . Mkhabayi told him to tell no one it should be a secret between them .

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