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Itumeleng Khune and Daniel Akpeyi story. This is something very interesting in the world of soccer because if there is competition in football there will be automatically quality and improvement. Competition makes players to wake up and also work a little more harder for the team and themselves.

The question here is why Khune made two terrible mistakes which costed the team heavily and what is next ? Should Gavin Hunt give him more chances or he must be dropped?

Do you think Daniel can help the team in the mini time? Do you think Daniel will not do the same mistakes as Khune made? Khune remains the best goalkeeper in the PSL and mistakes are all part of life between the sticks.

Let us talk about normal life outside of football , whether you are a footballer or not , you have made mistakes in your life and those mistakes do not identify who you are.

Did you know that Khune just recently saved Kaizer Chiefs in Africa when he saved a penalty in the last dying minutes ? So do not forget the good the guy has done for the team do not focus on the mistakes only.

Yes he must be blamed for that but we should be in a position to understand and forgive and we give him support.

Bobby Motaung tells the truth about Nurkovic

If the coach decides to bring Daniel Akpeyi in the next game we will also understand because he might also at times want to test things out.

Do you think Khune is mentally unfit ?

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