Itumeleng Khune is blamed by some people and some defended himItumeleng Khune is blamed by some people and some defended him
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Itumeleng Khune is blamed by some people and some defended him. Kaizer Chiefs fans are divided some believe that Khune is not on form that is why Chiefs lost the game.

Itumeleng Khune is blamed by some people and some defended him
Itumeleng Khune is blamed by some people and some defended him

There are many reasons why some blame him and also those who support him they have their own reasons. Mr Ernst Middedorp never used to include him in his first lineups for so many games so this is understandable that when a player do not get enough game time that particular player will struggle with form.

If we blame people we must not mix emotions with real life situations , we are here to highlight on the mater but not to take sides. All we know is that most people know Khune as the best goalkeeper in the country.

The issues started from the social media

Vuiisa Nyyaka said

I will always blame Khune in every game if he still our goalkeeper 👐🙌

here are the reactions

Siyabonga Shwaiza Khune is not playing alone, The oldest playing alone

Charles CharlesHow can u blame khune cos da first goal was high if it was not he was going 2 safe it second goal he atleast try nd rebonce back 2 erusmus third goal also tried sooo i dont c anytin wrong its futball u win or loose even draw always lets stop 2 blame lets rectify n have a solution and b4 u say think about we a not allowed 2 sign any players until nd dis is a new coach he is building his winning squad u can nt excpect him 2 win so easily

Thokozani Dlaminie He made a mistake ku 1st goal kuphela

Aphiwe Mthembu Bro just one lose now you are complaining.the team wanted a lesson and sundowns gave them now they have to focus and gain their strength

Mnikazi MsimangaFor what bafo you prefer akpei we are going to loose 6-0 akpai against pirates why don’t you blame our difference cause their always fletfooted blame FIFA and cas for saspending us from sining players bafo we are going to loose this season we don’t have players let talk true no fighting khosi✌️

Wanda BloodMnikazi Msimanga Blames won’t help I agree with u. Sundowns is too good for us they hv quality in their disposal. They spend over 40 millions only this transfer window, I jst hope Hunt can find a way to make us play better otherwise its bad if u look at other teams

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Sholo DeeWe still have to learn what really soccer is abt.Stop blaming players after losing a game let’s cheer up our team.Four teams lost their first round of MTN top 8 n their supporters never make noise like u do,man up gents!

Theledi Rankoana I share the sentiment.And,it is true.The ageing Khune made some silly school boy mistakes and it caused the team dearly my friend.The pain in my heart when I remember the Kambala Kambala header,which silenced the Country if not the Continent.The last 39 minutes of the season,where Chiefs cemented their position on top for the better part of the season,but that 39 minutes plus referee’s optional time became sour grapes to swallow,a thorn threw by Khune and Willard Company.The three nil loose recently to Sandawana,is like” September the 11 in America “where the rebels (Osama Bin Laden)were terrorising every living creature.Sandawana did that to Chiefs,and ruthlessly ,because of misjudgment of the ball by South Africa’s No 1 goalkeeper.Silly mistakes,simply bringing ideas that you are not good anymore Khune”Isaac “Itumeleng ke lebitso.He is a shadow of himself.

Based on your experience do you blame Khune ?

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