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Joseph Zinnbauer was impressed by Makusu and Sesane . It means a lot to a player to know that he impressed the the coach because that can lead to more confidence and more game time chances.

“We know what we have in Sandilands. He is a top keeper in this league and I’m happy that I have him. He had a good performance,” Zinnbauer told Pirates’ media department.

“I’m very happy with Pepe [Thabiso Sesane], who is a young player from the youth team, he came to the first-team squad and now he got a few minutes.

“I’m happy about this. He didn’t play for a long time, but he was in and had two good actions.”

“Mumu [Muwowo] came in and had a good game. He had opportunities to score,” the German mentor continued.

“Mundiele [Makusu] is working in the front, he gave us a lot of space for the other players and that’s good because we have a team that is coming closer and closer.”

“The guys that were not in before had a good performance and we had more than one opportunity to score, we had two or three opportunities,” Zinnbauer added.

“But it is what it is, it’s football and we cannot say it was a bad result, we had the possibility for more goals, but we got one and it is a good result for me.”

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