Kaizer Chiefs fans attacked Junior Khanye
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Kaizer Chiefs fans attacked Junior Khanye. You do not want to know how much some of Kaizer Chiefs Fans are angry at Junior Khanye. We wrote yesterday an article which says that “Junior Khanye’s comments are not health for Kaizer Chiefs fans” a lot of people expressed how they feel about Junior’s comments .

Junior Khanye received death threats
Junior Khanye received death threats

AphiweTeekey TsamboJunior when Chiefs win he said chiefs get win because of individual players when chiefs lose chiefs ifile vat vat ayi suka makenze eyake team ene structure le Springs

Long MsomiJunior he is on point call a spade spade im a khosi fan this current team is to bad

Dennis Wa MogashoaYou also like junior khanye, can’t you see the same current team is the one playing last season, you talk as if it’s a new team…. Everyone should know that this boys are getting tired as they played without rest, so I as one used to play soccer and I would play 32 games without rest then during the preseason we play again what’s killings players is the training as they train harder more than being in the field. For me I understand the situation at hand and again chiefs was going to be a better squad if they did sign 5 players instead no player is new Hunt took some from development and still the same players that from development were also playing full time it’s another problem, so everyone July is not that far we will come strong and beat the odds.

Cmphiwe MclumberHe must just move on from chiefs… His time is over and he must start admitting that he wasn’t that good for the club.. He’s bitter for chiefs seeking attention from the club. They must just ignore him

Hombakazi SobhoyisiJunior khanye is 100% right is just that chiefs fans hate the truth ..Junior khanye knows football you can’t rob him

Dennis Wa MogashoaIf you say he knows football then why his football took him down to his knees instead of taking him to EUROPE, he killed his talent, he thought he knew it all and yet forgetting ” Karma ” his choices of life is the current one now, hence he to find way to point out the wrongs that chiefs is doing…. I’m worried cause he was quite last season and then boom he came out from the cocoon and became a butterfly. I don’t rate his analysis as good analysis bad it is based on the mistakes than by a team. Khanye should just focus on rebuilding his career and enjoy his KWID.

Proff Mbane90% journalists they talk nicely about chiefs

now junior khanye is talking about chiefs which is true
and they get angry why mara?

as a Sundowns fan we dont care who talk this who talk that

they used to say money cant buy success

yerr this and that

the truth is the truth

Junior khanye uyinja ye game ntwana sihamba nawe

Skhumbule Skhumbule SkhumbuleY’all KC fans dont want the truth khanye is speaking facts and only facts and now you comparing KC to Man U 🚮🚮🚮…KC needs change demolishing of old dilapidated players .. re group of tectical team imean everything in KC is worse and bad

Thuthuh Alungile MkhabelaNgiya understand why usho kanje …koz awuyona fan ye chiefs…I’m sure nebhola awulidlalanga….koz if ulidlalile bewuzo understand I pain yokuba see groundin ..kube kunomuntu okhuluma doti ngawe…leyonto iqeda confidence yomdlali

Lona akukona kuthi uyahlaziya kuphela…koz akancomi noma benze kahle ugada badliwe bese khuluma doti ngabo

Ft chiefs inesizathu for lento yokudlala so ayisayinanga why bezo qhathaniswa name team asayinile? Noooh Kanye need to stop this nonsense …we all know that pirates fans are very hspph about this so we don’t expect anything from them abazoyisho eryt ngalento

Jade LunguThere must be something he is hiding

Thuthuh Alungile MkhabelaYeeeri that guy😠😠🤧🚮he is disparate..he is a losser…that why he comment nonsense about chiefs…ithink he is jealous ..bt why? Because they gave him a chance💁…and he choose drugs over his job…so toothless must stop taking shid about chiefs …they don’t own him anything …nxeeeh😠😠😠

Do you think people has a right to say what they said about Junior ?

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