Kaizer Chiefs vs Maritzburg United
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Kaizer Chiefs vs Maritzburg United is the most interesting game for today . The game will start at 18:00 South African time . Moseamedi is the name on the lips of all people who do not like Kaizer Chiefs . In soccer once you score goals against a big teams no mater where you are in the world you become big yourself automatically . You write your name in the opposition’s memories , you become a topic in the soccer world and people start recognise how good you are .

Kaizer Chiefs vs Maritzburg United

Kaizer Chiefs vs Maritzburg United

In simple terms you become what they call ” Fear Factor ” . Since the world believes in the laws of history and mainly the one which says that “History repeat its-self ” . Whenever you are to play with that particular team , people will always have that fear that you will scare again .

Judas Moseamedi was less popular up until he scored against Kaizer Chiefs. It was a great thing for him as a player, his scoring put him in a spotlight and also it might help him in future in his career in many ways . Most people believe that Judas is going to make Kaizer Chiefs breathe through the wound . They really forget that Kaizer Chiefs are a big team and they are going to be on his case there will be no much chance for him as people think .

Judas is expected to give them trouble I am sure he also has his own secret plan to shine again . Judas is one of the most powerful players in PSL he is well built and he is a tall man so it becomes difficult for defenders to defend against him .

Will Judas Moseamedi make Kaizer Chiefs breathe through the wound ?

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