Khama Billiat missed out on joining Manchester CityKhama Billiat missed out on joining Manchester City
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Khama Billiat missed out on joining Manchester City

Khama Billiat missed out on joining Manchester City. This is a sad story but we have to God knows why. It is not only Manchester City but also Manchester United that watched Khama for a very long time. United only wanted him to score more goals.

Khama Billiat missed out on joining Manchester City

If you read Khama Billiat’s history there is something which shows that Khama was born to be successful but not to play for overseas teams. Khama has everything Khama was playing for Sundowns with Percy Tau and both players were very hot and left the club in the same year.

Percy went to Belgium and Khama went to Kaizer Chiefs. Percy now moved to another team and he is doing well but Khama is not doing that well at Kaizer Chiefs we don’t know why but we pray that he regains his form.

Many soccer players with big names recognized Khama as a great player for example this is what a former Manchester United defender Ferdinand said about Khama.

“If they are really youngsters, they have quite a few of really good players. Their two centre halves (Nazeer Allie and Matthew Booth), but their number 11 (Khama Billiat) is their most exciting player for me,” Ferdinand told a South African football website after the match.

“He is good when in position, good ball control and a can use his speed really well. Overall, an exciting player.”

Rio Ferdinand impressed by Khama Billiat’s style of play

primary school teacher Ferdinand Chenjerai now based in The United Kingdom said “Billiat missed out on joining Manchester City in 2014 only because he was two years older than the cut-off age”

“The boy was among the youngest players in my team. He is one of my success stories. Teams and agents might have taken over, but I personally spotted and groomed quite a number of other youngsters. We won several silverware with the boys. I know Khama will soon find his form. I believe in him. He is just going through a rough patch of his career, but he will definitely bring back his magic touch” Ferdinand Chenjerai said.

In 2014 Khama was 24 years and Manchester City saw that he was very good so they said that they would have taken him if he was 22 or younger than that. You know those big teams have their own policies so they don’t compromise on that.

Khama Billiat is now 30 so chances are very high that he might decide to end his career in South Africa because Khama Billiat is the Highest paid player in the Absa Premiership. The only thing he has to do is to fight for his form so that he gets a good contract after the current one.

The Zimbawean website called pindula has more on the story of Khama Billiat.

Do you think Billiat has a chance to go overseas ?

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