Khama Billiat sends a message to other soccer players
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Khama Billiat sends a message to other soccer players. When people see soccer players on TV they think that everything is just easy, forgetting that 99% of them have more than 10 years of work before coming to fame.

Khama Billiat sends a message to other soccer players

Even after getting known you have to work even 10 times more to maintain that status and your form is everything to the team. That is why you find players who play one game in 6 months and that type of player might be with no injuries.

Look at the entire Kaizer Chiefs team from Khune to Khama you will see that some of them do not play always and when they are given time they come for few minutes. Khama Billiat confirmed that its not easy as we may think speaking on Zimbabwean publicationSoccer 24

“It is never easy playing outside the country, trying to deal with different situations, different cultures, different personalities in terms of the difference between countries,” Khama Billiat said.

”We are Warriors, I just wanna urge everyone that the journey should continue,” the Aces Youth Soccer Academy product added.

“It is never easy. If you are somewhere where you are having it easy then you are in the wrong place.”

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Khama Billiat is not a player you see on TV , Khama has something hidden in him. Khama is a very hard-working player because I once personally interviewed Tendai Ndoro and I asked him that what do you think of Khama as a player?

Ndoro answered “It is not easy to be where Khama is ,so the guy is a hard worker and we must respect him”

Do you think Khama is making sense here ?

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