Kaizer Chiefs part ways with Ernst Middendorp
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March is the month Kaizer Chiefs relieved Ernst Middendorp . A lot of people believe in history and its laws . One of the famous laws of history goes like this “History repeats itself “. Some of Kaizer Chiefs fans are not happy with the coach’s results and some say in interviews that Steve Komphela was way better than Mr Ernst . You know when people are angry they can say anything, it does not mater if what they say makes sense or not .

Kaizer Chiefs part ways with Ernst Middendorp

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Phylosophy

The concept of history plays a fundamental role in human thought. It invokes notions of human agency, change, the role of material circumstances in human affairs, and the putative meaning of historical events. It raises the possibility of “learning from history.” And it suggests the possibility of better understanding ourselves in the present, by understanding the forces, choices, and circumstances that brought us to our current situation. It is therefore unsurprising that philosophers have sometimes turned their attention to efforts to examine history itself and the nature of historical knowledge. These reflections can be grouped together into a body of work called “philosophy of history.” This work is heterogeneous, comprising analyses and arguments of idealists, positivists, logicians, theologians, and others, and moving back and forth over the divides between European and Anglo-American philosophy, and between hermeneutics and positivism.

Remember that March is the month Kaizer Chiefs relieved Ernst Middendorp

On March 5 2007 Kaizer Chiefs release a statement saying

“Kaizer Chiefs part ways with Ernst Middendorp

Ernst Middendorp has officially been relieved of his duties with immediate effect as Head Coach of Kaizer Chiefs following the decision of the Clubs’ Management Committee meeting held earlier this day.

The Chairman, Kaizer Motaung convened a meeting with the Coach and Team Manager, Bobby Motaung wherein the matter was concluded.

Whilst the team is searching for a replacement, an official announcement on the whole status of the Technical Team will be made soon.”

Khama Billiat is a different player at Kaizer Chiefs

Do you think History will repeat itself this month ?

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