Most affordable car in South Africa for first time drivers
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Most affordable car in South Africa for first time drivers. We all see things in a different way but any person who drove an Opel Corsa Lite as his or her first car would tell you that there is no other car which is better than a Corsa Lite for first time drivers .

Most affordable car in South Africa for first time drivers

I drove an Opel Corsa Lite , this was my first car . I bought it R23000 that was in 2014 somewhere in October , I did not know how to drive very well and you know what it means, how many parts can be destroyed because of bad driving .

5 Major reasons why you should buy an Opel Corsa Lite

Cheap to buy , it is very difficult to raise money to buy a car especially if you do not have a decent job . Most of our people in South Africa earn from R1500 to R5000 a month , this money is very little for a person who stay in big cities like Johannesburg , Cape Town or Durban . But a person who earns R3000 to R5000 a month if he knows how to budget he can get himself a Corsa Lite . Am telling you something I did before and two other friends did the same thing . Currently you can get a Corsa Lite for R15000 on sites like gumtree or smd, this will not be that clean but it will be a a start and go car . You can buy it and clean it as time goes .

Petrol saver , if we talk about cars which save petrol a Corsa Lite is one of them . South Africa’s petrol prices are very high compared to its neighboring countries like Lesotho , Swaziland , Botswana and Zimbabwe. So before you buy a car you have to chose a car which does not consume a lot of petrol .

Availability of Parts , Car parts are very important to consider before you buy a car because you do not want to look for a car part for a full month or two . Since Corsa Lite have been around for many years parts are everywhere so if you fail to get them in spare shops you can get them in scrap yards .

Weight of the car , You like it or not as long as you drive a car everyday one of the bad days you going to stack on the road so you need a car you can push alone and put it on the side of the road to avoid causing traffic . Corsa lite is a very easy car to push because it is not heavy , Kerb weight 780 kg is not bad .

Easy to Sell , never buy a car which you can not sell in a month because anytime you might want to sell your car and upgrade to a newer car so with Opel Carsa that is so easy . Because it is very affordable it is easy to sell .

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We interviewed Saleem Moosa who is also driving the same “I bought this car in 2005 for R60000 in Durban , until now am driving the same car for 15 years, it only has one problem the clutch cable gives some trouble but otherwise it is a good car ” Saleem Moosa said

Do you believe that Opel Corsa Lite is a good car ?

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