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All of us we know that it is not really easy to be in the position Rhulani Mokwena was in , the pressure is very high especially if you do not win games . Fans of all big teams in the world will never give you a chance to figure out what is wrong , all they will say is that you are the one who is wrong . So they will make sure they put pressure on the management to fire you as soon as possible.

“Orlando Pirates Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Josef Zinnbauer,”

“It is a fine balancing act that goes beyond the all-important technical skills. A coach is tasked to win through others. His ability to keep the team focused, making them work in concert, with minimal lapses is an important requirement,” Khoza said.

“I hope that Josef Zinnbauer is able to hit the deck running. I know I am fully representative of all the Orlando Pirates Supporters in wishing him good luck.

“On accepting his appointment, coach Josef Zinnbauer expresses his gratitude at the opportunity to join a club of Orlando Pirates’ calibre and stature.

  1. Zinnbauer also commented: “I welcome the opportunity to lead one of the prestigious clubs on the African continent. I hope under my lead, we are able to return the club to its winning ways.”

“It is important that we thank Rulani for the fearless manner in which he stepped up to the plate when the need arose. One of the important lessons leaders learn at the top is about themselves.

“They are called, ‘knowing what I know now’ lessons. I have no doubt that Rulani has learnt a lot of those for his betterment and that of the team,” Khoza concluded.

Do you think this new coach will last for more than 3 months?

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