Bheki Cele attacked
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People attacks Bheki Cele because of alcohol ban . Police Minister Bheki Cele is trying his best to make sure that people are safe but at the other hand some people see it in a different way . Some think that the minister is trying to take away their human and civil rights .

Bheki Cele attacked

Mr. Cele told City Press “It is a known thing that alcohol is part of the crime generators … [When it comes to] most people who are murdered or sexually abused, it usually starts on Thursday until the end of the weekend [and] those people will be found at alcohol outlets,” he said.

“My first prize would be that we shut down alcohol, but I know we cannot do that. Nothing tells me that taking alcohol will make life easier,” he said.

“For South Africa, alcohol has not been the only issue when it comes to regulations relating to the Covid-19 coronavirus. Murder has gone down in South Africa. Even in the butcher of the republic, the Western Cape, murder numbers have really gone down. The impact of the reduction of alcohol has had an impact on ordinary crime, especially violent crime,” added Cele.

People attacks Bheki Cele because of alcohol ban

Some of the attacks

MR DICK@kabelodick·Replying to @News24 and @City_PressSomeone tell Bheki he can ban alcohol in his father’s house, this is still South Africa we have a democracy and it is our Democratic right to drink whatever we want and after lockdown we will be drinking till we drop

TheLifestyleTourist@ms_tourist·Replying to @News24 and @City_PressThis is now personal and it’s about him and no one else.

The Philosopher@NDIMZIN·Replying to @News24 and @City_PressDont extend, ban it for life Babe Cele

Sweet_T@Tsietsi_Mohale·Replying to @News24 and @City_PressCele and lots want to blame even their incompetence to fight crime on alcohol, it wont work AT ALL and you can ban alcohol all you like, we will continue to drink alcohol. Those are facts.

Amahlubi@MatthewsMahlubi·Replying to @News24 and @City_PressAnd have joblessness bloodbath? Minister Cele must just do his work to fight crime. In Botswana they sell alcohol but crime rate is low. The problem is not alcohol, but the sense of impunity in this country. Criminals including stealing politicians must go to jail, PERIOD!

Steven Nicholas@stevennich·Replying to @News24 and @City_PressAnd we wish there was a cure for stupid. I guess we’ll all be disappointed.

Edward Henn@edwardhenn·Replying to @News24@mandrazzi and @City_PressIn my life I worked with people like like this. Want to impress their seniors, but boss…beware! When you turn your back they stab, because the thing they really want is YOUR power. They enjoy having power over others. They are so petty

Abigail @GlassPearl·Replying to @News24 and @City_PressBheki Cele needs to be relieved of his duties asap if President Ramaphosa knows what’s good for this country. This man is heading into dictator territory. #lockDownSouthAfrica is about containing the #CoronaVirusSA and not about opportunistically trampling on our rights.

What is your view about this ?

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