Pitso Mosimane is focusing on South American players
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Pitso Mosimane is focusing on South American players. Pitso Mosimane during quarantine is keeping himself busy by checking allover South America to get quality affordable players . South America is the leading continent if it comes to natural football talent . It has been supplying the world with the best players from generation to generation . Players like Messi , Pele , Maradona , Dibala , Ronaldinho and more are all products of South America .

Pitso Mosimane is focusing on South American players

He told Isolezwe: “There is plenty we can learn during this time. I am busy with getting my body back to shape.

“Apart from that, I am checking all the Apps available to look at [new] players but I am focusing on South America.

“I am checking if there are any players we can get at a cheaper price or for free from South America.”

He added: “There are too many opportunities that presented themselves [during this lockdown]. I can even check our old games and see where our weaknesses are. This is a good break, according to me.

“I didn’t have that time. We needed this break at Sundowns, to be honest. In the past, we could only hear what was happening in our families while we were away.”

Do you think pitso is checking in the right place ?

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