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Samir Nurkovic is not for sale . There have been rumours that Samir Nurkovic might go to Mamelodi Sundowns and many Kaizer Chiefs fans started accusing Downs of disestablishing their team.

In order to make a sale you need a seller and a buyer. Samir Nurkovic (like every player in South Africa ) has a release clause on his contract, which is set to millions . That means that if a team comes up with a truckload of cold hard cash Kaizer Chiefs have no option but to let him negotiate a contract with them . But now days players are not like before , many players have joined sundowns and their careers ended up destroyed so Samir Nurkovic will never allow this to happen to him and am sure he is happy at Kaizer Chiefs .

Kaizer Chiefs is a very rich team , there is no way they can put on sale their best player . In fact many players came from Sundowns to join Kaizer Chiefs not the other way round .

Also Mamelodi Sundowns is a great team and also rich However, where Downs is overrated is in the constant deification that the team receives from fans and some parts of the media. Yes, they are very, very good but the idea that somehow they are playing a better brand of football is wrong. There does seem to be a sense that Downs are operating at a higher moral plane than every other team, especially Kaizer Chiefs .

The football that Mamelodi Sundowns plays is brilliant, no question. They deserve every success that they achieve. However, they are not ‘better’ than any other team and they do not deserve to held up as some paragon of virtue. They play their football to win. Like everyone else.

Yes Mamelodi Sundowns have money but they do not pay well as Kaizer Chiefs does .

Lastly do not forget that there is no official statement from Bobby Motaung that Samir Nurkovic is for sale, that simply means that Samir Nurkovic is not for sale

How much do you think Samir Nurkovic is worth ?

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