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Samir Nurkovic might join Sundowns . This might sound unbelievable to many but ask yourself this question ,why do Mamelodi Sundowns have the best players in the PSL and why not other teams? Why is it totally one sided?

Let’s assume that you want to pursue your career in xyz profession. abc and some of it’s competitors are best companies in that profession. As it is obvious it will be your dream to work for them, it will give you more opportunities as well as it will motivate you to work harder in your field.
Its same elsewhere and football is no exception. Mamelodi Sundowns is not only of the best club in PSL, it is the best clubs presently in whole Africa . If some player is playing in PSL or wants to play in PSL it will be their dream to play in Mamelodi Sundowns . Top players always want to seek records and play with strong teams, they don’t want to loose.

Also clubs other than Mamelodi Sundowns ave financial constraints. They cannot pay high salaries to keep their top players from running away. People also change their jobs in order to work for a better organisation or for high paychecks.

It’s same with football and that’s why Mamelodi Sundowns have best players in PSL.

Based on our knowledge and the history of Sundowns Samir Nurkovic might join Sundowns because they charm a lot of players using money .

But let us say Samir Nurkovic was playing for Celtics and both Chiefs and Downs approach him where do you think he could go ?

To me it all about context and that means football decisions, lifestyle decisions, economic decisions and also cultural decisions.

You’d want to go where you have the best chance of success and of winning trophies and also where your style of play will be best appreciated. Then there’s the issue of likely game time and rivals for your position within the squad. The manager will be a big influence too and the stability of the club. Your sponsorship deals might have a bearing too

Culturally there’s a lot of influence too. Zimbabweans of the current generation seem to be a good fit with Kaizer Chiefs but less so with Sundowns , as an example.

But in real life the best thing to do is not to play for neither of these clubs. If you want to succeed go for a low profile team where you can play very well. The sole reason that teams play will be focused on you. If you are an attacker all the attacks will be through you.

Always remember that a player is only as good as the team so the teams in themselves, the club infrastructure, the coaches and mentors play a fair part in making the players great in addition to the players making the team great.

Watch the most amazing skills of the best player in the world.

Do you think Samir Nurkoc will join sundowns soon ?

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