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Secrets revealed how Kaizer Chiefs were benefiting from referees:

There are predictable suggestions by rival fans that the referees seems to favour Kaizer Chiefs for major decisions. Of course, we don’t for a second believe that referees are biased, but do the stats support the conspiracy theory?

Mervyn van Wyk has been accused of being a secret Kaizer Chiefs fan due to some of his decisions involving the Premier Soccer League giants.

Mervyn van Wyk made some questionable offside calls for two Amazulu goals as Kaizer Chiefs won 2-0 and Amazulu just lost the game that way .

Mervyn van Wyk did not walk away free after his crime , so he was punished by not being appointed for any fixtures in the Premier Soccer League or first division for four weeks.

But clams like these are everywhere because in English premier league people used to say that the referees used to favour Manchester United, during the time of Sir Alex Ferguson. It seems like when other teams are losing they try to get excuses .

But look at this In “Basketball: Bias Refs (full article),” the blurb states:

The study found that the probability of a foul call being against a visiting team was seven percent higher than calls against the home team. They also noted when the home team is ahead in the game, the likelihood of a foul being called against them is 6.3 percentage points higher than when they were behind. Finally, economists observed the larger the foul difference between the two teams, the more likely it is the next call will be made against the team with fewer fouls.

Also In an article about NBA referees, James Downie notes:

They found “evidence of three biases: favoritism of home teams, teams losing during games, and teams that are behind in a multi-game playoff series. All three biases are plausibly profit-enhancing for the league.” The authors calculate that, during the regular season, the turnover biases “equates to win probability changing by approximately 2.2% when a team switches from away to home status,” and a further 2.5% if fouls are included. In the playoffs, the biases do not appear to affect fouls, but the effect on turnovers becomes nearly doubles, keeping the probability change close to 5%. Maybe beating that 5% is why coaches ask players to give 110%…

Do you think Kaizer Chiefs pays referees to favour them ?

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