Somizi Mhlongo revealed something we did not know about Uyajola 99
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Somizi Mhlongo revealed something we did not know about Uyajola 99. What Somizi said I agree with him 100% because after watching the episode I felt the same way . I am sure there are thousands of people who would agree with Somizi .

“I should have followed my guts not to watch when I saw that Jub Jub won’t be presenting . Something is so off about the entire series . It feels and looks much staged ” Somizi said .

“Also as a gay man I can tell u for free that if this scenario was authentic. Trust me hell wud have broken lose. There will be dust all over. Cameras broken.we wud be on ep 2 of ep1 . Phela eyamadoda ayipheli. Kudlalwa ngathi la. #uyajola99” Somizi Tweeted .

But some people like Colle did not agree with Somizi

Collen replied “we’ve seen previously in heterosexual relationships women and men breaking this and that…..Sexuality has nothing to do with it, anger is equally distributed to all sexual groups. not all gay people express emotions in that way, it is a wrong stereotype speak 4 yourself bro.”

another reply from which critised somizi was from MakaziKaManqindana

“Uyajola had 2 episodes with gay men before Kganya. And there was no flying of anything. Stop tryna make Moss look like a bad Presenter. Just say you like JubJub because he’s The Ghetto”

Pride replied like “There is no way one gay guy can possibly know how all gay men would behave in a situation. You have a right to have your opinion of course, just remember that regardless of the sexuality life is not a 1 size fit all. Unless you’re just joking nje.”

Then Precious Lamula said “He said gay man not gay men meaning he was talking about himself. Also we all do generalize sometimes and it’s not that deep. You find people say South Africans/ladies/zulus/educated people it doesn’t mean you know all those type of people. It clearly means the few you have met.”

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Do you think Somizi was right ?

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