South Africa to close borders because of Coronavirus
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South Africa to close borders because of Coronavirus from Wednesday but only for people from countries highly impacted by coronavirus .I do think that is a great step and it will help the country a lot in many ways . Schools also to be closed from Wednesday ,he banned the public gathering of more than 100 people .

South Africa to close borders because of Coronavirus

South Africa to close borders because of Coronavirus

“Initially it was people who have travelled outside the country, especially Italy. It is concerning now that we are dealing with internal transmission of the virus,” he said.

“Never before in the history of our democracy has our country been confronted with such a severe situation,” said Ramaphosa.

“We have cancelled visas … and previously granted visas are revoked,” he said.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus

“We have now declared a national state of disaster in terms of the Disaster Management Act. This will enable us to have an integrated and coordinated disaster management mechanism that will focus on preventing and reducing the outbreak of this virus. We will also be able to set up emergency rapid and effective response systems to mitigate the severity of its impact,” he added.

Countries like Italy things are too bad , Italy reports 368 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours. In Africa it is not as bad as in Europe , Spain already imposed a national wide lock-down and Spain reported 2,000 new cases .

The Serbian Government deployed the army to guard hospitals and help in closing up public places . You can see that many countries are trying to shutdown to protect their lives . Many countries without cases are also shutting down they do not want no regrets .

Iran is in a very dangerous position due to heavy US sanctions which makes it so difficult for the country to fight the virus . The virus have killed 724 people in Iran.

Do you think Ramaphosa made the right decision ?

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