The war between India and ChinaThe war between India and China
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The war between India and china: India suffers a humiliating defeat. This war is not good for neither India nor China because it has started causing the loss of lives from the Indian side. It is reported that already Indian soldiers have been killed by Chinese forces in the area knows as Ladakh which is under the disputed Kashmir territory .

The war between India and China: India suffers a humiliating defeat

Top Indian military officials also indicated that they are not the only side in a loss but also their Chinese opponents lost military men. In the mini-time there is no any reports from Beijing confirming that Chinese troops were killed , the only thing they say is that India crossed the border and attacked the Chinese Military .

There is a meeting of military officials from the Chinese side and the Indian side which is going to focus on how to defuse the situation to avoid the escalation of the situation .

This India and China issue did not start yesterday or few years back , the issues started long ago . 1962 Sino-Indian War most of Indian military service men who were positioned in some posts offered resistance but were either killed or taken prisoner.

How many people died in India China war in 1962

136 Indian Soldiers were killed and 37 Chinese were killed in Aksai Chin

832 Indian Soldiers were killed and 151 Chinese were killed in Namka Chu

750 Indian Soldiers were killed and 198 Chinese were killed in Walong

2886 Indian Soldiers were killed and 225 Chinese were killed in Bondia

160 Indian Soldiers were killed and 67 Chinese were killed in Aksai Chin , around Pongong

It is said that in that war Chinese Military killed 1383 Indian Soldiers and wounded 1047 they also captured 3968 plus the 1696 who went missing .

Indian military killed 722 Chinese military service men and also wounded 1697.

If you would like to learn more about the war you can visit Qora or wikipedia

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If the war can start now between China and India , which country do you think will win the war ?

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