Toyota Conquest was renamed Toyota Tazz in South Africa
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Toyota Conquest was renamed Toyota Tazz in South Africa. This is one of the most popular cars in South Africa , people love it because it is easy to maintain and also cheap to buy but easy to steal .

Toyota Conquest was renamed Toyota Tazz in South Africa

Wikipedia tells us that There were only two body styles sold in South Africa. The sixth-generation five-door hatchback that was made in South Africa was marketed as the Toyota Conquest. The four-door sedan was also available, but with “Corolla” badging. Production began in October 1988, with a 1.3 liter 53 kW (72 PS) “2E” engine or the 1.6 liter “4A-F” with 53 kW (72 PS). The twin cam version of this was also sold, as the GLi Twin Cam for the sedan and RSi for the Hatchback (4A-GE), with 100 kW (136 PS). It was also sold as a panel van called the Conquest Carri. The Conquest Carri was simply known as the Toyota Carri from 2000.[8]

In October 1996 an entry-level model called the Toyota Conquest Tazz appeared. This model had a very low equipment level, originally only available with a four-speed manual and missing things such as a rear windshield wiper or a cigarette lighter – however, the Tazz received a twin-tip exhaust and body coloured bumpers.[9] A five-speed became available three years later. From October 2000 the car received a light facelift with a more ovoid front end treatment and the name was changed to simply Toyota Tazz. This model continued to be built until July 5, 2006. The first version of the Tazz was only offered with a 1300 cc engine, while the facelifted version offered two models: 130, and 160i. Power was 55 kW (75 PS) and 79 kW (107 PS) respectively, same as for the Conquest/Corolla from September 1993 on. The Conquest and Corolla were also available in the 1.8 liter 7A-FE engined model beginning in September 1993; this replaced the earlier 1.6 Twin Cam in the Conquest and was available in a number of equipment levels in the Corolla (sedan), from GL to the mildly sporting GSX.

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To be honest Toyota as a brand it has a great reputation in each and every country you go they will tell you that Toyota is the only car manufacturer which understands the economy of every human being .

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