Transfer news and football gossip LIVE: Paul Pogbawhants to leave, RB Leipzig vs Manchester United build-up
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Transfer news and football gossip LIVE: Paul Pogbawhants to leave, RB Leipzig vs Manchester United build-up. Paul Pogba scored a very beautiful goal in their last game this boosted his confidence but also triggered his desire to leave the club

Raiola announced that Paul Pogba’s time at Manchester United is over

Pogba’s long-term representative told Tuttosport: “I can say it’s over for Paul Pogba at Manchester United.

“There’s no use ignoring it. It’s better to speak honestly, look to the future and not waste time trying to blame people: Paul is unhappy at Manchester United, he can no longer express himself as he wants to or in the way that’s expected of him.

“He needs to change team, he needs a change of scene. He has a contract that expires in a year and a half’s time, in the summer of 2022, but I think the best solution would be for him to leave in the next transfer window.

“Otherwise the club from Old Trafford, with whom he has a good relationship, know very well that they risk losing him on a free transfer, considering that right now he does not want to extend his deal.

“If people don’t get that, they know very little about football. In any case, they’ll all blame me if Paul leaves next summer.”

“Ole said he is owned by Manchester United and I have a principal problem with that; he is an employee, he is notownedby Manchester United. And being employee doesn’t mean I cannot have an opinion or say something I want to say.

“I have never spoken about Ole in the papers or the press, he always speaks about me.”

One of Manchester united fan said

“What an idiot [Raiola]! Nobody is going to take Pogba, nobody!

“What manager is going to take him? They’ll be looking over their shoulder all the time.

“If you don’t pick him in the team, is he going to go to the press? We’ve got a big elephant in the room that we don’t want.”

With that in mind, Chris suggests Man United should cut their losses and loan Pogba out to Barton at Fleetwood.

Because, well, why not?

“The team are better without him. Loan him out to Joey Barton!” Chris added.

“Whether we get money for him or not, just get him out. If anybody wanted him, they would’ve come for him in the summer.

“Nobody wants him because nobody wants the headache of his agent.”

RB Leipzig vs Manchester is the game everyone is waiting for but we don not see Paul starting the game.

We believe the agent is putting more pressure on the player and he might be misleading him.

Do you think Paul must leave the club ?

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