Volkswagen Golf 8 price South Africa
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Volkswagen Golf 8 price South Africa revealed. If there is a car brand which is known by every breathing soul in South Africa that brand is Volkswagen (VW). When Volkswagen makes cars they do not just make a moving object but they consider things like safety , comfort and affordability that is why a lot of people love their cars .

VW SA is where we got all the below information


Rear Traffic Alert

The Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Traffic Alert system supports the driver in assessing and avoiding dangerous situations, especially in critical situations, e.g. city and heavy traffic. The Blind Spot Monitor detects cars and motorcycles in the driver’s blind spot and highlights these vehicles via an LED indicator in the door mirror. Rear Traffic Alert warns the driver of approaching traffic at the rear of the car when reversing by displaying a warning in the Optical Parking System (OPS).

Innovative technology

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a driver assistance system that ensures a safe following distance from the traffic ahead. Working together with the radar-controlled Front Assist traffic monitoring system, our adaptive cruise control system will automatically maintain the following distance you set from the car in front of you. If the car ahead slows down, or if another car joins your lane, the system will automatically slow your vehicle down to match the speed of the traffic ahead. ACC only works with speeds above 40km/hr but it means you will be safer and more relaxed on those long journeys.

Electronic Parking Brake

Pull out all the stops with the Electronic Parking Brake that comes standard.

Ultrasonic interior monitoring

Peace of mind comes standard with an alarm system built with ultrasonic interior monitoring.

Ultrasonic interior monitoring Peace of mind comes standard with an alarm system built with ultrasonic interior monitoring.

Innovative Technology

An interactive experience

Active Info Display is a digital instrument panel that replaces the traditional speedometer and rev counter. The high-resolution 31.2 cm (12 inch) screen provides different types of information that can be customized by the driver. For instance, in navigation mode, the speedometer and rev counter are moved to the edge in order to provide more space for the map. You can also have information such as driving data, centre console information and vehicle data and it is all worked seamlessly into the drivers’ field of view.

Pro Touchscreen Feature

The optional 9.2’’ Discover Pro touchscreen features Gesture Control which senses your hand movements and reacts even before you touch. Now you can swipe through menu options, tracks and browse radio stations with a swish of your finger.

Most affordable car in South Africa for first time drivers

Price incl. VAT R337,400.00

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