English Premier League table for 2019/20 Season

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English Premier League table for 2019/20 Season

English Premier League table for 2019/20 Season

1Liverpool (c)3832335299
2Man City3826396781
3Man Utd38181283066
5Leicester City38188122662
9Sheffield Utd38141212054
14Crystal Palace38111017-1943
16West Ham3810919-1339
17Aston Villa389821-2635
18Bournemouth (R)389722-2634
19Watford (R)3881020-2834
20Norwich (R)385627-4921

English Premier League table for 2019/20 Season shows how Liverpool overpower all 19 teams which were competing. Even bigger teams like Manchester City and Manchester United did not eve come closer.

City only scored more goals than Liverpool but if it comes to point they were left far behind. Goals saved Man United otherwise could have ended up in position 4.

How long is the English Premier League season?

Before the Covid-19 the normal period for the season was running from August to May with each team playing 38 matches . But now Covid-19 changed a lot of things we are not sure if that will be changed based on the situation.

Who is the best footballer in the Premier League 2020?

De Bruyne | M. City20
Trent Alexander-Arnold | Liverpool
A. Robertson | Liverpool12

Who Won Premier League 2020?

Liverpool won the English Premier League the table above for 2019-2020 can prove to you.

Who won the most Premier League titles?

Manchester United

Thando Gama

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