Percy Tau is trending because is one of the best

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Percy Tau is trending because is one of the best

Percy Tau is trending because is one of the best. I believe there are very few players in South Africa which are on the same level as Percy Tau. Tau joined Anderlecht in Belgium after leaving Club Brugge fc.

Percy Tau is trending because is one of the best
Percy Tau is trending because is one of the best

Anderlecht beat Waasland-Beveren and this victory moved his club to the third position. Tau was supposed to play in the United Kingdom but there were some small issues which are going to be fixed someday.

The game favoured Anderlecht they scored 4 goals , the first goal was scored by Adrien Trebel 3 , second goal by Jeremy Doku 18 , Fourth goal by Yari Verscheren 55 and the last goal was scored by Lukas Nmecha 60 and that was a penalty.

Goals for Waasland-Beveren were scored by Din Sula 64 and Daan Heymans 88 their goals came very late when Anderlecht started to relax because they knew that the game was in their hands already.

Their next game is going to be a home game and they are going to face Eupen on Sunday the 27th of September 2020. After that they are going to face a very big team which is also Percy Tau’s former team Club Brugge on Sunday the 4th of October 2020. This is going to be a very big test especially for Percy Tau.

Percy also is blessed because his coach V. Kompany loves him so much.

You can watch their youtube video below


Percy Tau is in trouble now because is going to sacrifice and start working 10 times more because Company trusted him and to keep him in the team he must perform well and score a lot of goals.

Anderlecht Starting XI (4231)

  1. GK H. Van Crombrugge
  2. DR M. Murillo
  3. DC O. Vranješ
  4. DC H. Delcroix
  5. DL B. Mykhailichenko
  6. DMC A. Sambi Lokonga
  7. DMC A. Trebel
  8. AMR Y. Verschaeren
  9. AMC P. Tau
  10. AML J. Doku
  11. FC L. Nmecha


  1. D. Luckassen
  2. Z. Bakkali
  3. F L. Dimata
  4. F M. Bundu
  5. M F. Amuzu
  6. L. Lissens
  7. M. Kana

B. Verbruggen

Waasl-Beveren Starting XI (4231)

  1. GK N. Jackers
  2. DR J. Schrijvers
  3. DC B. Schoonbaert
  4. DC A. Vukotić
  5. DL A. Khammas
  6. DMC D. Bizimana
  7. DMC L. Bertone
  8. AMR A. Koita
  9. AMC D. Heymans
  10. AML A. Albanese
  11. FC J. Efford


  1. L. Pirard
  2. D D. Wuytens
  3. A. Wiegel
  4. A. Vukčević
  5. F M. Verreth
  6. F D. Sula
  7. B. Gabriël
  8. D. Jubitana
  9. J. Mertens


N. Hayen

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Do you think Percy Tau is the best in South Africa ?

Thando Gama

36 thoughts on “Percy Tau is trending because is one of the best

  1. Tau is one of the best players in South Africa I don’t think there is any one who is beter than him in South Africa but remember that this is my opinion I don’t want anyone who is going to argue with me

  2. Currently there is no player overseas from South Africa who is shining like him . I believe tau is a great player

  3. This is fair to say that he is the best in South Africa because in soccer if you good you have to play for an European team and he has been there now for year, Players like Khama never succeeded

  4. Those who say is the best why he failed to go to the uk and play in the English premier league Like Benni and Steven peenar did ? Can you please tell me guys ?

  5. Best produce South Africa has ever had. We really wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

  6. Percy Tau is so powerful he made every South African watch Belgium football, he should be the next presidential candidate.

  7. He has raised the SA flag way up high and If we were to compare any South African Player to Percy Tau, I would say Norkovich.

  8. I’m just glad that he made it out of the Psl, he didn’t belong there.

  9. I just don’t like how Sundowns signs players just to destroy them – so that they don’t play against them. I’m glad Percy Tau left.

  10. Sundowns probably think that they still own him but we are not onto that we are here for Percy Tau, I just wanna say that may he shine more and more.

  11. He is the best and there’s plenty more who are on his level in SA, they just need a break through like he did.

  12. Percy is another class he does not even deserve to play for the team is playing for now , He must go to the Premier League in England

  13. The Major key is now to score more goals at this age he has 3 years to shine . Every team loves a person who scores. But to be honest is a great player

  14. I personally I believe Percy is good but he has to do a little bit more to be recognised worldwide like the way Bennie Did

  15. That is what we call talent he is a great player and the best in South Africa but we need more from him

  16. The guys is good otherwise he was going to be playing for Amazulu here in South African but where he is tells us everything

  17. The best player in south Africa is Themba Zwane but most people cant see it . It does not mean all people who go overseas are greater than the ones who remain home

  18. The thing is Percy is the best because in South Africa we don’t really have good players.Look at countries like Cameroon , Nigeria , Senegal , Egypt and Mali. Those Counties have players in each and every league of the world. I guess I make sense here

  19. This question is not fair because who are we comparing him to here , is it the entire country ?

  20. Hi Sir we need topics like this talking about our South African players not guys from UK , Spain German

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