Shepherd Bushiri and his wife have been released. Mr. Bushiri and his wife were arrested on Wednesday in the capital of Maliwi. Bushiri’s lawyer Wapona Kita asked the court to release them because they were arrested illegally. The South African government has demanded the couple’s extradition after they skipped bail. […]

zindzi mandela dies at the age of 59 also known as Zindzi Mandela-Hlongwane . Zindzi Mandela was born on 23 December 1960 in Soweto south of Johannesburg. The year of her birth was also the year that the African National Congress (ANC) launched an armed wing. “Zindzi will not only […]

#BofebeWasArrested is on the lips of many people. This is something which has been trending in the last 27 minutes , the last 1 hour and the last 2 hours . Today we decided to bring you something which is trending . The tweet goes like “Ziphozonice@NZBMajola·3h#BofebeWasArrested * When you […]

Top YouTube Searches in 2020. This is very amazing almost 1/4 words searched are related to Music this means that people really love Music worldwide . Number Keyword Search Volume 1 pewdiepie 3,770,000 2 asmr 3,230,000 3 music 2,670,000 4 markiplier 2,380,000 5 old town road 2,040,000 6 pewdiepie vs […]

Jabulani Zungu might leave Isibaya. Jabulani Zungu his real names are Pallance Dladla , there are rumours that Jabu might leave Isibaya. “Pallance stopped reporting for duty before the national lockdown. His role was scrapped and they are busy planning his exit. From last month, Pallance was not reporting for […]