Huawei and US firms to work together on 5G standards. Sources say that US drafts rule to allow Huawei and US firms to work together on 5G standards, sources say. The united States of America put sanctions on the Chinese giants Huawei last year .Remember that Huawei is the world’s […]

Top YouTube Searches in 2020. This is very amazing almost 1/4 words searched are related to Music this means that people really love Music worldwide . Number Keyword Search Volume 1 pewdiepie 3,770,000 2 asmr 3,230,000 3 music 2,670,000 4 markiplier 2,380,000 5 old town road 2,040,000 6 pewdiepie vs […]

The new iPad larger 10.2 inch retina display .If we talk about classic gargets we can not forget the name Apple . I will not say that most of their products are class but I will say that all of their products are of a high class .Even if they […]

iphone se 2020 price in south Africa. This is an amazing moment Apple surprised a lot of people by making iPhone se affordable . Everyone know iPhones as premium phones and some think they are only designed for the rich . The game has changed, companies change their policies everyday […]


Rain finally launches the best package. Why do we call it the best package ? The reason is that this package is so cheap and gives a user freedom to work 24/7 .The existing rain users on Unlimited Off-peak 4G were asking when will rain bring a 24/7 Unlimited package […]

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