Isibaya 08 June 2020 : Ntandane Steals Money . Ntandane is a person who is unpredictable , he wants to make sure the Zungus expel Qaphela . He takes money so that Qaphela gets in trouble . Fenyang goes and visit Phumele at her house and they enjoyed each other’s […]

Isibaya 03 June 2020 : Qaphela becomes a boss. Thokozani believe that Qaphela is a bad person , Ntandane believe the same thing almost everyone has the same feeling about him . Jabu suggest that they should tell people the truth about the pregnancy. Jabu believe that that will help […]

Why Teko Modise did not play overseas ? To me Teko Modise was a world class player and most people believe that he was going to do better if he went to join clubs like Manchester United , Liverpool , Chelsea or Arsenal . There are many things which happened […]

Rain 4g and 5g payments are failing . It seems like Rain South Africa has a problem with their payment gateway because we got two people we managed to reach to, they said they are very stressed and they are not happy with rain’s customer care . One said that […]

Isibaya 02 June 2020 . Qaphela goes to the taxi rank and tells Ntandane that he was instructed to work under him . Ntandane stole car types thinking that they were for Ngwenya family . Mkhabayi was worried after the news that Qaphela was hired and given a big position […]

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